Wednesday, December 30

Goodbye, dear year.

Wow! The end of the year already.  I still remember sitting at my desk at work one January morning and thinking about what the hell I'd be doing this year. Five months later, I quit. Ten days after that, I moved to Chennai and joined the J school.  And two months from then, I turned twenty-one. 

Living away from home, in a new city, with absolute strangers has been everything people say it is and more -- It's addictive. I wonder if I can ever go back to living at home at all.   

Don't get me wrong. Coming back home for the term-end has been awesome too. The comforts of home. Don't even get me started. And the weather. Oh, the weather. This is the kind of winters that I remember of Hyd from childhood. I didn't even realise how cold it had gotten until Demon Kid took me on a midnight ride on his bike (I might drop dead after saying this but I think I quite like the feel of Avenger. Yeah, I didn't think I'd ever admit it. But there. It gave me a total high) 

And then there was Cud's 22nd which was super fun. We started off with lunch at 10D  (which BTW beats the pants off Chennai's) and to Amen's in the evening where we cut a makeshift cake and then divine Pani-puri at a TB like fellow's and finally chinese take-out from Flyovers for dinner. Really, it couldn't have been more perfect. Save for Jughead. I miss her so much. Inshallah, she will be with us soon. 

Back to Christmas (or wait, was it the day before or after... so whatever) that we went and watched 3 Idiots and Twilight II back-to-back. So here's the thing.  Amen used her best-friend influence to drag a kicking-and-screaming me to the theatre because I wanted to watch Avatar and not 3 Idiots. Much to my dismay and her glee, I quite liked the movie. Especially the first half.  It cracked me up despite all my reservations and I even enjoyed all the unnecessary drama in the second half. It was definitely one of the better ones I watched this season.  Now, I wish I could say something or well, just anything nice about Twilight II.  I can't.  Though the aboriginal fellow, I should mention, is truly magnificent in his beauty and trust me, so much more for the eyes than that Cullen guy. Still, don't watch it. It's long. And boring. Very very boring.   

I didn't mind it all that much though because I spent more time with Amen and Cud in the past week than I think I did the whole year. I hope we do a lot more before I leave. 

Oh and before I move on from Christmas, I love this year's so much more because Kiwi Boy got me two brilliant volumes of Calvin & Hobbes and an MJ poster.  And, then, Human Pillow got me wind chimes which I absolutely adore. I love these guys, I truly do. 

And today, I went to the office to catch up with everyone here. It didn't occur to me until then, how much I missed my sodexho and the money and all. Okay, so, yeah I miss the people too. What the hell, I might as well admit it. I miss them a lot. I just know that I'll never ever work with such a cool gang ever again. In fact, I think I was so excited talking to all of them, I couldn't even eat. Instead I ate up most of their working hours; feeling guilty and fearing that Madcow would throw me out.

But Madcow (I know, I know. I said, I'll stop calling him that. But I have no idea what else to call him.) was so exceedingly nice to me, I felt like a prized heel over and over again every time he brought up the blog. I couldn't even remember whatever the devil was that made me think he was a villain in the first place. Anyway, so every time I opened my mouth to say something to him, it was a lame apology trying to roll off my tongue. So, I just shut up and nodded for the most part until it was time for goodbye.     

Oh, but the Evil Head of HR, who unlike Madcow, really is evil, refused point-blank to hire me back! I know. What the hell, right? Hmphf. But hey, I get it. If he took me back, he'd have to hire me at a super high level, what with my talent and qualifications and all that, which would give others my age a complex thereby promoting dissatisfaction among my peer group, which of course would be bad for the Firm. That's it.  Damn, but I'm getting good at this. 

Getting back from alternative universe,  I'm all set to go to that lame biggest, hippest and whateverest New Year's thing. Or maybe not.  Maybe I'll just snuggle in with a good book and great ice cream and just go to sleep at the stroke of the midnight hour. As I think everyone should. 

Either way, I'm off hatchlings.  See ya on the other side. Toodles. 

Pssss..: To all, a Happy New Year! 

Tuesday, November 10

The End

It's not anything like they say. Heartbreak. It's not about craving for that person. Not about wanting to be with them. No. It's all about pain. The kind of gut churning, stomach wrenching pain that'll claw at your insides until you want to curl into a tight ball and die. Nothing makes it better. Not, being with someone else. Not, being with that person. Nothing.

Every moment, a memory will surface. Something he said. Something he likes. Something that didn't fit. Something that suddenly fit. And then you think of him with someone else. It hits you. Everything that was between you was a lie, a dirty little secret. Realising that you were not even the real thing, that your heart was just collateral damage.

So, all you do is sit and watch while it's being torn apart. Scrap by Scrap. It's killing. But you already know that's what you want; for it to die. Forever. And, with it, the pain. Now, there's nothing there. Just a gaping black hole.

As the haze of the pain lifts, a catharsis dawns on you. It is finally over.

Monday, November 2

Here and There

It was mad, the wedding. For most of it, I was like WTF, you know? Because, by the time my plane landed and I got to the hotel, things were already under way; for all my careful planning, I appear in a T-shirt and cargos in all the wedding pictures! And when I finally wore the pretty blue and golden dress and then the plum coloured sari? Nothing. It got too chaotic and none of us had any time for snaps. Don't even get me started on the designated photographer; he was such an asshole.

But I'll tell you this. For all the craziness that the wedding was, there was this one moment, the actual tying of the knot (when the guy dropped a soft kiss on her bent head) -- it was so beautiful, I went all "Awwww". There it was, the whole point of the goddamned circus. Made me all warm and cushy inside.

Apart from that, it was a terrible ordeal. I now officially hate flying. Usually, every time I see a plane in the sky, I want to be on it, going to whereever it's heading. But on this trip, both times, I was all like, c' already! One way, I sat next to a Gora who I'm pretty sure molested me while I fell sleep in my seat. On the way back, I sat next to a techie, who has facebooked me and now sends me messages everyday. Do yourselves a favour, don't be a moron like me and use your boarding pass as a book mark. It's plain stupid. In fact, don't read. Plug in your ear phones and don't make conversation, yes, even while you eat!

Why do I attract these types anyway? Why? OMG, he might even be reading this as I write. As has been often proven in the past, the blog is certainly not one of my best kept secrets. If you are indeed reading this, dear stalker, please chip in here. I would love to hear your thoughts on this. But I don't accept any compliments, comments, questions, tags that reach me in person or by e-mail. The comments column, believe it or not, works. The zero comments record is because I also attracts other types of perverts, in this case - voyeurs. But don't let that discourage you. Comment on.

I know I should give in and sleep. Okay! Fine, I'll go. Just wanted to put it all on record before the week was out. I do also have an early morning class, come to think of it. So, just the last couple of things here then.

I'm doing my dissertation on the Holocaust. Yeah, don't ask me how I got there. I had it all planned, I swear. So, I went to submit my proposal on Michael Jackson and somehow ended up with Nuclear Armageddon. What can I say? My plans usually take little detours because I'm ummm, what they call spontaneous, and I always go with my instincts. Whichever takes control of me at the moment. Even if I go blue in the face cursing and regretting it for the rest of my life after.

I read Shantaram a couple of weeks ago and I can't stop thinking about it. Everybody I know has read about half of it and given up. I can't explain why I am so hooked onto it. Oh yes, I do want to write like that. But it's more. I've been looking up the author every chance I get. I read his interviews. I watch his videos on You Tube. And, I've developed an unhealthy interest in heroin. But most importantly, here's the thought that's been nagging away at me - how would it be to throw away everything I've built in my life and just let go.

Why do I want, more than anything else, to find out?

Monday, October 26

What I say and What I mean

Right. So, where were we? Going home. Right. If I didn't write about it already no point doing it now, is there? Let's just move on and skip that part then? Yes. Move into something more topical, maybe? Good. Let us.

Now, examining the newsworthy events of my non-existent life, what do we have?

Something happened and a dilemma has arisen. To commit or not to commit, that is the question. A very illuminating statement, don't you think? I do too. But for reasons many, that's all I'm saying on this. Shameful to censor on one's own blog, I know. But what to do? Too many prying eyes for comfort or for full disclosure. A cue to move the blog to another track? Hmmm. Perhaps.

As consolation, here's another piece of meat. I hate what I've become here. I'm a compulsive liar now. I lie all the time. To everybody.

Prof: How was the class?
Me (thinks): I didn't listen to a single word of it. That's btw, is a record. I thought X-rated thoughts for four hours. But I still smelt the stink. That's how stinky your class was.
Me: Very thought-provoking. Thanks for the lecture. Was immensely helpful.

Y: Did I do something wrong? Don't you like me any more?
Me (thinks): Yes, you did. You exist. No, I don't. Newsflash: I never did. To be specific, I think you're the algae the feeds on the pond scum that lies underneath the sewage in our acrid lotus pond.
Me: Of course, you didn't. I like you. What made you ever think otherwise?

Z: Hey listen, there's this thing for some close friends this Friday. You wanna go dancing? It'll be fun. I promise.
Me (thinks): Looking the way I am and looking the way you do, you are asking me out? Close friends huh? Wow! Dancing? But why?! We were doing so well until now. Can we sit in a corner and make out instead?
Me: I'd love to have but I already made plans. Sorry.
Z: It's cool. No issues. We can do coffee or catch a movie or something, some other day? If you are not already seeing someone, that is. (Smiles)
Me(thinks): Oh, don't smile. That's not fair. What toothpaste do you use? Wait. He asked you a question. Movie. Right. Dark Lights. Limited space. Sharing armrest. Nachos & Salsa. You got it, dude! Any day. You choose.
Me: Err. No. Not seeing anyone. And really, I'd love to hang out. But I'm truly short of time this trip. Maybe next time?
Z: A gentle let-down, huh? (Smile) Okay, I'll let you get away with it this time. But at least gimme a call when you're in town, okay?
Me (thinks): No, don't let me get away with it. At all. I'm one-of-a-kind! That's why, I won't call.
Me: Sure, I will.
Z: Ciao. (Grins)
Me (thinks): I hate that word. Grrrr.
Me: See ya. (Smiles back)

See what I mean. I don't mean anything I say. I mean, I don't say anything I mean. Baah. You get the point! It's like I'm possessed by a good-Samaritan ghost who needs to only say the right things. Whatever happened to the WYSWYG me? Gaaaah.

And, don't ask me why I won't call him. I just won't.

Oh and how can I forget? Cousin's wedding tomorrow! Yeah, the shameless pig that I am, I'm going to be leaving for her city on her wedding day. But hey, I'm wearing a sari for her! Wait. that means jewellery. Damn. Match-making and relatives. Oh F***.


I mean. Help.

Note: Remember. Peace comes from within. Oh my! Shoes. I mean heels. I don't have any. Never mind, they'll come from somewhere. But grace and elegance and poise? Good God. Whoever thought of celebrating weddings. What's so happy about them anyway?

PS: Mission Impossible IV: Finding a way to the Airport without paying as much as I did for the flight ticket. Good luck to me.

Sunday, October 11

You Know

Read My Friend Sancho.
There. I said it.

I couldn't wait until I got through with three paragraphs of my lifely woes before I came to it. It's my book. I mean, if I ever wrote a book, this is how it'd be. I'd pretend to have a plot -- because it's a novel -- but care really only showing off my wisecracks, get bored half-way through and finally give up the pretence and give it an excuse of an ending. But hey, it's still brilliant writing, his. Almost like mine, you know.

By the way, I have a love life that's almost bursting at it's seams, did you know? Yeah, me either. But well, I do. I'm always on the phone with the first or the second boyfriend. When I get off, I'm online with number three. Or otherwise, I'm with the fourth who I go out with every other night. And, I have something on with someone in class. What can I say? "Not guilty, your honour. It is not what it seems. We're just friends?" I think not.

Exploring the food scene in Chennai has been the theme for the last couple of weeks. Now, I know places that are nice to sit at and places that have good food. Discoveries include a decent Dhaba, a cozy continental place overlooking the beach, a restaurant that serves "contemporary Indian cuisine" and a stall that sells Irani Samosas. Can you imagine the implications of these discoveries? Of course, you don't. It means that maybe, I will survive this rot after all!

Brain food for the week? I've been chancing upon all kinds of things I never knew about people I've known a long time. It's made me wonder about if we ever really know anybody. Not just know. But know. You know.

And then there's this whole thing about live-in's in My Friend Sancho and Wake up Sid and stuff that I've been thinking. I have a theory -- I'm sure it's named after some bugger already -- that everything else being equal, if a man and a woman (Doubt: Is it even politically correct anymore to say a man and a woman without including LGBTs?) are confined to a space and are given enough time; irrespective of how different they might be, will end up together in the end. Not much of a theory. But nevertheless, kinda works...doesn't it?

It's official. No matter how many ever courses I take, it's wasted. I was never, am not, will never be likely to be feminist. Blame it on my all-girls education or the guys in my life, I like my men. That's the bottom-line. It's another matter altogether if I still don't find a guy at 35, start growing plants instead of adopting cats, and turn lesbian. Maybe then, I might turn feminist. But of course, with the current state of my love life, that's never going to happen.

Like all roads lead to Rome, all my posts lead to going home. I'm off to mongooses' tomorrow and to Hyde for the weekend. See you guys on the other side.

To all, a kickass Diwali! Play safe.

Sunday, October 4


Dude, seriously, home is it!

I've been here two days and I'm so in love that I can't see anything straight. If you asked me now, I'd probably swear by my life that even the rain here is sweeter than that in Chennai. But since half of our state is currently being submerged, I should probably keep my mouth shut, yeah? I think so too. Anyway, but you get my drift, right?

After that crazy Auroville week when we were ready to die of exhaustion and the one following that when we thought we did die, we somehow floated through to heaven and came home. I needed this.

The first day back, I went out like a light the moment my head touched the pillow. My own bed - the smell, the feel, the warmth, oh what I'll do to take it back with me. Okay, okay, no need for bad words. It's not like I would have gone on to describe the comforts of my bathroom. Though I have to point out, I'm sorely tempted to do. No hair, anywhere. Hot water, everywhere. And no clothes to wash? It's a fairytale. Stop rolling your eyes! This is important stuff. If you want to read national affairs, go read another blog. Sheesh. A girl can't even write about the beauty of her bed in her own blog these days. Double Sheesh!

Where was I? Right, so when I did finally reincarnate, I went out to meet Amen. It's weird but we never hug or say anything. That's how it always is with Amen. No matter how many new friends I make, it's almost always her shoulder that I cry on whenever I'm cross with the world or hateful towards 'man'kind. Not that I actually cry cry. It takes a lot to get me to cry and it's been ages since I've done that. Well, except that one time recently when I wept until I looked like a splotchy rabbit the next day. You should ask the other party why.

For godsakes, what's with me today? At this rate, I'm never going to end this post. Right. Focus!

So, what I was trying to say earlier was that Amen and I watched Dil Bole Hadippa. Now, now. Don't judge me yet. It was the only movie that we got tickets for and let me tell you that it was an okay watch. Really. True, there's no such thing as a plot in the film but there were decent performances rendered all around. Talking of movies, I did watch quite a few- The Kingdom of Heaven (5.50/5) , Requiem for a dream (4/5), Outsourced (3.99/5), Bangkok Dangerous (2/5) and my Mom's new boyfriend (2/5).

You'll never guess who I've been hanging out with. Yes, my bete noire, my arch enemy, my nemesis, my personal monster, my brother, Demon kid! It was then that I really realised how pathetic my life must be for him to be nice to me. But he was and we did some great things.

We went to all my favourite places and I ate as if I was dying the next day. Then we went to Big Flix and rented out a box full of movies that I won't have the time to watch. And then we went shopping. He got me the Last Symbol and hold your breath, he's consented for me to play his X-box! Boy, if this is charity, I'm loving it.

Though I have in mind to bore you further, alas, I have nothing more to say. I leave tomorrow. *Weepy eyes and wobbly chin*. I still have to shop some more, get a haircut, meet some people, eat some more, pack, and just now, go to sleep. If the train does get cancelled, I'll have to get the first flight out on Monday. (Dear God, please give one more day. I won't ask for anything more. Except electricity and internet. And good airfares. And good food. And a good haircut. Promise!)

Next term at J is going to be long and mad. Electives, assignments, stream work, insomnia, projects, paper, quark, chennai. GAAAAHHHHH!!!!

Wednesday, September 23

Still Sleepless!

I promised myself that I wouldn't do this, but here I am, at 3 'o clock in the morning, foregoing yet another night of sleep (5th in a row) to write an entry for an audience that can't be more indifferent. I'm pathetic. Oh, who am I kidding? It's those two baby lizards crawling my walls and my floors. I can't sleep knowing they exist. And, I'm too embarrassed to admit it to anyone or to ask for help. What am I to do?! The mosquitoes, I can still live with. But I HATE the reptile family. All of it. Will they die, like rats, if I cunningly mix their food with something? No, I suppose not. Evil things those. **Shudder**

Anyway, on with my life then.

Academically, there has been intense activity in the past weeks. The good news is that I've finished with an ultra serious exam this morning thereby ending the core curriculum for the term. Now, I lift my arms and pray, to be only a C+ or higher, I pray. Completion of pending projects will form the crux of my next week. And then, and then, the end-of-term holidays (which is okay, really only 3 days) and I leave for home! So, I'm already making lists of all the things I need to do/buy/eat when I get home.

But what's really keeping me happy, now that I have a super internet connection, is all the things I'm back to doing -- writing e-mails to old friends, playing pool & literati with random strangers, lengthy chat sessions with He-man, et cetera. I didn't realise how much I missed doing these things until I got back to doing them. It's inexplicable. I love the anticipation that comes with waiting for the inbox to open and then to see a certain someone's e-mail in it. Or to spend a lazy sunday afternoon competing for a pool or literati championship. And then, my chat sessions with He-man. I still spend hours laughing and crying while pouring over our past chats. Oh, I know, it's silly. But I simply can't help it. If you haven't noticed, nothing affects me quite like the written word.

That said, I've been a good little girl. For 23 days to this date, to be exact. Like it or not, right or wrong, it will end this time around. Erasing everything helps. Thanks

Okay, so sleep has finally come to claim me. Enough to even overcome the lizard aversion. So, I'm going to tuck in now. Going off to Auroville for the weekend.

May I find some peace and quiet. And reptileless dreams. Amen.

PS: Facebook says my favorite sexual position is so and so. I can't believe it. Really? That?! Strange. Very strange!

Wednesday, September 9

High on Insomnia!

Okay, so the Naz Foundation thing that I talked about so enthusiastically last time? Not fun. We have a paper on it that's due for submission tomorrow and I can't get myself to even look at it anymore. All I seem to do now-a-days is read about LGBT rights. If I am not, then I'm talking about it. Or, well... I'm thinking about it. This is between washing clothes and pressing them, you understand.

Addition to Addiction List - Ironing. I love it. Seriously. There is something about smoothing every single crease in my clothes that resonates with my OCDs. Besides, I just really like the warmth of freshly laundered clothes.

No, I'm not yet there. I will be in a few. Get me gummy bears when you come to visit me. I heard all asylums allow soft toys because they enjoy seeing inmates fight over them. Don't forget.

Baah, anyway, the good news is that each week is flowing into the next. Sometimes, I'm not too sure what I'm doing when I'm doing it but I'm being utterly mature and just going with the flow. Made friends with a decent bunch. So we hang out in the 'campus' ( they keep insisting, for some absurd reason, that we call it that). It's just two buildings really, facing each other, with a solitary tree in between, and an unhygenic water body (which again, for some absurd reason, they want us to call a lotus pond) to a corner. Sometimes, we venture into the city ( which also again, for some absurd reason, they call a metro) and eat food (yawn, which they insist we call 'south-indian cuisine'). The three delicacies, which I've found exclusive to Chennai - The 'Pau Baji', The 'Madras Briyani' and 'The Gobi Manjuria'. I can't really suggest a place because each joint makes a version unique to itself, so I suggest you try all that you have the courage for.

Since, there is no hope of ever seeing what I would call a real man in this part of the world, I've resorted to watching movies like Twilight. Now, I want a vegetarian vampire of my own too. But I would prefer it if he wasn't some two hundred shades fairer than me.

You will notice that I'm flitting from thought to thought as it appears in my head. Besides the fact that I have an early morning lecture about reporting from Gaza and that I have had no sleep in the past week, I'm doing this because of the lightening fast internet connection I've got. By lightening fast, I mean that it appears for a flash and is gone the next. So I'm hurrying it a little bit. I realise I would have saved a lot of word count/time/effort if I had spared you the explanation but I just had to tell you, you know.

Okay, okay, the real reason? Its 09/09/09 and I sorta wanted to post today. Even if I had nothing to say. Which I did not. The grammar lady says I shouldn't use too many negatives. But, I can't not not write that in negative. See?

Oh, oh, oh. But I'm not done yet. Two things more only, I promise. Our CM popped! Can't say I mourned. But I did write a nice headline for him in Editing class. But seriously, I'll die if his son comes to power. All of us will.

I can't believe I left this for the last. Well, you know how I wrote this post about things-to-do in the next year, some four years ago? Now, I can cross three off the list. I have a passport. I have my drivers license and I got the folks to finalise on buying a house. So, if you want to be really technical, I didn't. And it's a really really old house. But it's nice and cozy, I'm told. And that, for a family of zamindari descent, which didn't believe in owning property. Damn neat, huh?

Lastly, King Kong left for his Hong Kong home today. Every friend of mine, without exception, leaves the country and stays outside. I really should stop this J school nonsense and open a visa business, no?

Thursday, August 27

Sounds of Silence

It was raining that night. I could hear the thunder, frightening in its intensity. As usual, the electricity had conked off with the first hint of lightening. I was alone in the house; thoughts raged through my head.

I stumbled through the dark towards the phone by the window. Even in my inebriated state, I knew her number as well as my own. The past six months hadn't affected my memory. With every digit that I dialled, I felt my heart pound. Would she answer; would she not?

The wait seemed forever. Then, I heard her voice. But I could not muster the courage to speak. I swallowed the lump in my throat. I wondered why she didn't hang up. Did she recognize me, even in my silence? She always did before. All the things left unsaid screamed to be let out. But only silence flowed through the telephone wire. It had always been like this between us, each waiting for the other to make the first move.

The rain drops pattered and the thunder crashed. It was just me and her, and the sounds of silence between us.

This was a little something that a bunch of us wrote in grammar class. It was of course, impromptu. Each of us took turns making a sentence; just taking off from where the other had left. With every line the story changed. Until the very end, no one knew where it was going.

Well, what do you think?

Whatever you think, I absolutely dig it and I'm going to do more of this kind.

Tuesday, August 25

Madras Madness

I spent a whole afternoon today learning to use the comma. That way, I gotta admit -- I have some great classes here. Some. We are currently doing the 377 case, you know, the Naz Foundation v/s Union of India one. The lawyer guy who came to speak to us about it is awesome. He started by telling us a story about the origin of love according to Greek mythology and tied it up all neatly to homosexuality! The wimpy female in me totally fell for it. It was by far, the coolest lecture I've ever been in. It'll take way too long to write about it here, but if you know me well enough, ask me about it. Men and women being two halves of a whole and all that comes from here. So go figure.

I just realised that I haven't talked too much about my life here, have I? Let's rectify that.

It seems like I've taken to it pretty well. Why else would I find some guy sleeping in my room and not even be fazed by it. He had slept in my bed the previous night, I heard, and yet I still feel nothing. I've been living without drinking water for the past two weeks so I now drink cheap packaged water. I walk into people making-out in the common room and I sit next to them and watch T.V. After a month here, nothing surprises me anymore. Pretty cool, huh?

Chennai is cruel. I haven't changed my mind about that. I have a list of all the things I hate about the place; I'll put it up the moment it touches 100, which I'm sure it will in the next week or so. Okay, so I'm exaggerating a little. But its true, I do have a hate list and I will put it up whenever I update next.

Aside: A certain someone I met in a supermarket. Decidedly cute and funny. Definitely not from Chennai. A design student, I learned. What are the odds we'll run into each other again, you reckon?

Yeah, that's what I thought.


***My reply to a special letter to the author***.

Dear grauchy,

>>Dear X,

I got mad about you first time I seeing you. I remembering every thing of you. But I don't think you will remembering me. You didn't even answering to my hellos and byes. I thinking you got shy.

>> I'm sorry because of me, you went mad, dear X. I did forgetting you, sorry again. You are right, shy must have been coming on me which is why I didn't hi
ing, byeing you. Thousand sorries for that also.

I finding out this two months before and again I loving your writing also. Youre so intelligent and so funny. Its your beautifulness that I liking very very much. Youre no like no other girls. Till now I staying inside closet but I come out now.

>> Great to know people like you like my writing. A pity I made you come out of the closet. Please go back inside. And thank you for liking me; I didn't know I had so much beautifulness.

You writing again and again of your boysfriends this blue shirt and that rr, I making you forgetting them forever.
I giving you everything.

>> Thanks for offering to erase my memory for me, dear X. Neither this Blue Shirt nor that RR has ever wanting to do anything like this for me.

I am loving you now. You loving me also. If you saying no I still loving you but I leaving you but you writing here why. If you saying yes give your phone so I calling you.
After I marrying you.

>> I'm flattered like anything that you chose me, dear X. It being very hard for me but I cannot loving or marrying you.
I loving my boysfriends. So, I can't giving you my phone. You leaving me now.

See, now I byeing you.

Yours Lovingly


Tuesday, August 18

Goofy is gone.

Goofy is gone. I left him with friends when I went home this weekend. I should have known. I should have coached them better. I should have taken him with me. I should have done something. Instead, I left him – alone and helpless. That is how well I take care of something I love. No one should ever entrust me with something of their own – they’ll never see it again.

I keep coming to the room hoping to see him - his stupid dolphin act once more. To see him push away his food just like I do mine. To tell mum and dad what he was upto that day. But of course, I don’t. He’s gone. There’s an empty place on the floor beneath the window where we put him. I avoid looking there now.

He was just a stupid little fish, I know. A stupid and moody and crazy and God, so adorable one at that. I didn’t even like fish. But I loved this one, you know. For those ten days, because of him, I was less alone.

I already know this is going to stay with me for a long while yet. I’m not getting a pet again. I don’t deserve to. I'm sorry Goofball. 

More than you'll ever know. 

Thursday, August 6

Goofy is Here...!

It is done. Adulthood has arrived.

As predicted, I was quite morose for most of yesterday despite all the wishes that came the way. But towards the evening after talking to Jughead and Ha and King Kong and Eye Candy, suddenly everything felt better. You know how it is with friends. The warm fuzzy feeling, that. If I were the mushy type, I'd have thanked all of them for being there and told them that they are some of my most favorite people on Earth. But since, I'm not. I did not.

So anyway, I finally stopped wallowing, got off my ass and went to dinner with a couple of friends. We hit this cosy little place called 'Clay Oven' and I had my first respectable meal since moving to Chennai. The girls came back to the room and we yapped away into the night. It was like being back with the gang. Almost, but not quite.

Aha! I see I forgot to mention the big highlight of my day – Goofy!!! That’s my gold fish, in case you’re wondering. Can you believe it? I have a pet. Aghori got him for me. It’s certainly one of the best birthday gifts I ever got. I always hate that no one knows what to get me for my birthday. But she did. She’s whacko crazy. Then again, so am I. Maybe that’s why we gel so well.

Enough talk, time you saw him. Ta-da!

Well? What'dya think? I think he's great. Initially, I freaked a little bit. But now that I've had some time to get used to the idea, I love him. He's funny and moody and just perfect.
It was a happy ending and that's all I could ever have asked for.

Friday, July 24


Washing clothes. Sucky food. Sweat. Hair in the bathroom. Cold showers. Sweat. Sweet bread. Green curtains. Waking early. Stupid lingo. Sleep in class. Shooting on the roads. Writing. Assignments. Flunking. News. Roomies. Local trains. Assoholic Autos. Salty Water. Homesickness. Dirty odors. Cotton Clothes. Relapse. Mad people. Madder Professors. Wasted money. Wheel of Time. Regrets. Withdrawal symptoms. Dirty Roads. Four hour classes. Men in hostel. Deserted streets. Brown skin.

That's my life for you, as it is.

Having been the goose that I have been, I promised myself that I wouldn't crib. Especially, not after having said all those things about "doing what is close to my heart" and all that rubbish.

So, I'll just say two things

One: I'll never admit it otherwise but here it is - I miss these guys like mad. All of them. Hawkeye. Eye Candy. King Kong. Ha. Tiny Woman. Gobbler. Mommy Depp. Amen. Jughead. Cud. Psycho. RR. Even all the people I can't think of just now. Is this homesickness or have I just turned into a wimp?

Two: Help! Somebody. Anybody. Just get me the hell outta here. Please?!

PS : I was on an INS - FAC today. Honest to God! A Fast Attack Craft of the Indian Navy, just in case you weren't impressed. It was the coolest thing ever. Remind me to talk about it the next time**.

**If I am still alive and kicking, I will tell you all. I promise.

Thursday, July 2


A not-so-known fact about me. I’m a terrible, I mean, hopeless, and by that I mean a really really pathetic softie. I kid you not. I’m a genuine sucker for lost causes. It has something, or a lot, to do with the female in me, I suppose. But I can’t turn my back on an underdog, ever. Take tennis. I have to side with the losing side irrespective of who is playing. Even if it means siding against someone like Roddick. That’s saying something, isn’t it? For the uninitiated, I say even Roddick because well, he has been the greatest crush of my life, till recently of course, when he decided to go marry Brooklyn the Bimbo.

On second thought, maybe, it has nothing to do with lost causes at all. Because why then would I, for the past two hours, kept my fingers (on both hands and toes) crossed until I saw Roddick into the Semis? Maybe, it has everything to do with being a Leo. Leos are known for their undying loyalty towards those they love. And I am your proverbial Leo. It’s hard for me not to tire of people or things. Because I do, easily. But if I don’t and I start liking something, I can’t stop.

Like I fell for MJ when I first heard Black or White back in my sixth grade. I remember playing the tape over and over for the song until I memorized every lyric, note and nuance of it. So many favourites followed and so much has changed since then. But to this day, no matter who says what, I still adore him. As much as ever, if not more. People who think it good riddance don’t know what the hell they’re talking about. When I heard the news, I wept unabashedly for him. He was an extraordinary person and one of the greatest artistes the world has ever seen and I won’t let anyone tell me differently. Rest in Peace, my friend. I love you.

I know it’s crazy to defend dubious characters. Or to empty my wallet to hungry kids. Or to worry about world affairs. Or to wish for happy endings. In fact, it might be just about the stupidest way to go about life. But, it’s mine to live and this is the way I choose to live it.

Sunday, June 21

Twenty Days to Go

Amidst a raging recession, it's said that the smart thing for people to be doing is to bury their heads in work and forget the rest. Everyone seems to be listening. But me? No, siree! Not me. I decide to jump off the other end. That's right. I put in my papers. Quit. Gave up my comfy, well paying, easy and effortless job. For what? You ask. To finally do what I want. That's what.

I'm going to the best J school in the country to learn how to write. It's nothing short of borderline suicide. Trust me, I know. I will die trying to cope with the workload; if I haven't already drowned in my sweat and died by then, that is. Considering that its Chennai, I'd actually bet on it. But the point is that I'm still willing.

I might drop out of the course midway. I might top the class and end up a penniless journalist. I might learn that writing is not really my cuppa tea. Or I might just do alright. Every which way, it's an acceptable risk. It's time I found out how good I really am.

All the idealistic bullshit aside, leaving home is going to be *gulp* tough. I already know all the things I'll miss about Hyd. That is not counting work, Amen, home and metered autos amongst them. Because, then I will weep. And, O' my Buddha! The apple of my eye. The cherry on my cake. The love of my life. How do I leave thee? How?


But yes, yes, I know. The show must go on.

And, go on, it will.

Sunday, June 14

Week after Week

I remember, from last week, that evening in Mocha. Sitting by the courtyard in twilight, listening to the rhythm of the rain. In an alcove with beautifully lit lamps, the sweet taste of hookah, silence interspersed with rain and the occasional dialogue. Eye Candy, Kong Kong, Ha and I. Click. Our very own Kodak moment, that.

Last week in itself was awesome, by the way. I went out every single night and came back home at some odd hour of the morning, having had the time of my life. Despite us being as severely sleep deprived as were (plus hurting, in my case) we still managed to have kick ass fun before Ha left and that made it all worth it.

This week, in stark contrast, has been dreadful. Work has been about appraisals, which I've thoroughly come to detest/loathe/hate/abhor/despise, call it what you want. Sigh. I know. I should be overjoyed just to have a job and all that. Right. Yeah. Okay. Whatever. That's how I feel and fat load of good knowing all that is doing to my spirit.

In fact, for some freaky reason I seem to have, what can only be called, a pit of dread in my stomach these days that has me thinking all sorts of morbid thoughts. Seriously! Its gnawing away at me so hard, I can barely keep it in check. Did anyone ever die of paranoia, I wonder? No? Well, there can always be a first, I suppose.

Talking of dying, the trip to Chennai was as close to hell as I ever got. I have no doubt that I'd die if I was ever made to live in that place. As it is, in the three days I was there, I wilted and shriveled and melted and dried and then died. Like really. The people there must be of a different make to live like that. Anyhow, I'm back home and earlier than I'd have dared hoped at that. Safe, sound and none the worse for wear.

Next week promises to bring some relief. But then again, the Wheel weaves as the Wheel wills, yeah?

That said, time for my closing statements. Headlines from the good news desk -- Another cousin kneels at the matrimonial altar. Is betrothed to the love of her life. Cud and I talk. Was just like old times. Best of all - Blue Shirt and I. At last, we're cool.
PS: Watched Kite Runner on the flight. It's decent. The Egyptian - Khalid Abdullah, is more than that... he's gorgeous.

Thursday, May 28

Just Friends

Guy and Girl meet. Become "friends". Go out. Movies. Dinners. Parties. Drives. Talks. Gifts. Have 'moments'. Guy proposes. Girl rejects. Guy is perplexed. Girl is annoyed.

I can count, off the top of my head, at least twenty cases of this syndrome that I have been witness to. With a few variations maybe, but with inevitably the same ending - tragic. For either or both the parties. God, I should know. Very much been there and done that, you see. And it is ugly, I'll tell you that. Coming out of it suspecting every friend you got, measuring every word you say, fearing (and hating yourself for even worrying) that your friend is going to tell you one day that he's in love with you.

Today though, I saw a guy's side to it. The thing that impressed me the most was that he owned up to it. He didn't flinch. Didn't discount his feelings or retract once even in face of her blatant rejection. Just handled it with a sort of dignity that is rarely found in men. I was more proud of him than I can ever remember being of any male friend I ever had.

Until now, I never saw what the whole fuss about dating was. I thought it was pretty much the the same as hanging out with a friend. I get it now. A 'date' is a declaration of intent. It is like saying, " Hey, I think there's something between us, wanna give it a shot and see where it goes?". It's coming out in the open and saying here's what. As compared to going out with a friend which can be so many things. Amongst others, it can either be genuinely platonic and completely innocent. Or it can be with one or both wondering all the time what the fuck the deal is between them.

I hate knowing these things. Because every time you learn something new, it robs you of your faith in the old. Of the warm and fuzzy comfort that ignorance allows you.

I hate growing up! Absolutely, completely and totally hate it.

Tuesday, May 26

A Potpourri of Posts.

Okay, so I know it's crazy but I can't seem to stop myself from obsessing over it. Man, I'm so hooked. I've been playing it for an hour now and I can't get past the second stage. What?! Yeah, you think you can do better? Go ahead, try it. I dare you. Pacman awaits. Tell me if inky, pinky and blinky didn't bite your ass by the end of stage 1. I swear, I used to be better at this. Demon Kid and I would game for hours as kids and yes, he would fuck my happiness in games like Contra and Street Fighter but I was always tons better at Mortal Combat, TMNT and all!

Oh, if I didn't tell you guys already, you should know that I have an addictive personality. Coupled with an OCD, if you want to get technical. Seriously, I do. I'm hooked on to so many things, its not funny. Thankfully, they dont include coffee, booze, dope, sex or cigarettes. Yet. Well, the cigarettes mainly coz I know I won't quit if I start. Still, I'm entitled to be extremely proud of myself, I think.

Now about the things that I am addicted to currently. Let's see. Travel & Living. Batman. Orbit. Ayn Rand. Pani Puri. Yahoo Pool. Moon Sparkle. Cell phone. Day Dreams. Money. Sarcasm. Lidor truffles. Slothiness. Floaters. Laptop. Dove. Happy endings. Dexter. Cold Stone. A/C. Undercolors. Crossword. French Open. Superlatives. Wet wipes. Memoirs of a Geisha. Fight Club. Volini. Trebuchet MS. Passion Berry. Lists. Pac-Man. Blog.


And this is just the censored stuff. Excluding the OCDs. What the hell, I might as well admit it, this is pretty much it. Not too many additions to that list either. What can I say? I'm in this weird never-been-in-before phase of crushlessness. It's true. Not one single reel or real life interest. And that has never happened before. Then again, that was a time when Roddick hadn't married some bimbo named Brooklyn (C'mon! that isn't even a real name forgodsakes!!!) and I was stupid enough to get involved with Blue Shirt. Mercifully, those days have passed and I'm now free, free, free.

>>Aside: Note to interested parties, if any. If you strongly think that I might even think you
remotely interesting, write to me with your particulars. (Height. Elder brother, dimples, surname. Almost forgot - Rich, yes? That sorta thing.) If not, please just disappear! Now, if on the other hand, you satisfy (all the stuff mentioned in the last parenthesis), please ignore this tiny little outburst. I'm usually the gentlest of creatures, really. I would never hurt anything except a cat. And, I never lie about anything. Except for trivial things like lying. But that's the only one, truly!

Aaaha! Something else I've been dying to write about but could never remember. So, here's what. Boxer sent me a link to a real story recently, in which this chic got hitched to one of the commentators on her blog! Admittedly, only a handful of people read the blog. Even fewer bother to ever comment. I don't even get a few anon comments. How rude! And how damn depressing! I think, I will stop writing altogether or start a new blog which I'll keep completely anonymous and maybe silently market until I'm getting at least 20 comments a post. At least that way, I'll know my readers are all not just sick voyeurs and care maybe just a teeny weeny meeny bit about what I write!!!

*Takes deep breath*. Mutters So-ham (
meditation AOL style) repeatedly until she's can't make out if she's saying so-ham or ham-so or ho-sam .

*Shakes head in disgust.*

*Gives up*

*Goes to Bed*

*Is Still Fuming*

Monday, May 25

He said...I said.

I don't remember much about people. Except for the conversations I have with them. One such happened today. We met, talked, exchanged numbers; the works. It was interesting because I talked. Quite a lot. Today was different coz I didn't get bored, I was interested. In fact, all the time I was talking to him, I wished my hair would stop sticking to my scalp so much. And that I didn't turn pink in the Sun. That was a first. Since when did that happen? Sheesh. Thankfully, before I drowned in my home-made self loathing solution, "How about I call/write (to) you sometime," said he. "Sure" I said.

And, that was that.

I realized then how much I miss it - meeting new and interesting people. Yeah I know, I can meet tons of new people at work if I wanted. I'm the HR after all. But the point is, I don't want to. Most of the guys I meet there are so stereotypical and fake and above all so utterly boring, they make me want to cry. Then again, I can't in all honesty complain either because I'm an another me at work too. A very polite, dull, indifferent, introverted and censored version of me.

Blah. I completely lost track of where this is going. Who cares about all that anyway? Especially when I saw us creaming Royal Challengers in the IPL just now. I'm so kicked! And, for all those who laughed when I said we were going to win? Two words - UP YOURS!

Random Ramblings

Things I hate just now :

1. Guys who use too much of "I don't know's" and "hmmm's".

2. That damn Pacman game.

3. The injured arm which refuses to heal.

Not having money to buy a new cellphone.

Work that I have to wake up to go every effing morning.

Sunday, May 17

This and That

I promised myself that I won't broach the topic of relationships any time soon, what with so many bigger and more important things like the elections and all happening; the outcome of which by the way, I'm glad I didn't bet on at the dinner party last night. I'm mightily pissed off at all the people who didn't vote. And at those who didn't know who to vote for and so just voted for the prettiest symbol on the list anyway. Bloody Buffaloes. Thanks to them, I have to endure another term of that despicable man as Chief Minister. I'm quite kicked about the Gandhi scion and the latest Deora though. They look deliciously promising. What they'll do is quite another matter altogether.

Oh and yeah, Madcow threw us that random dinner party. It was quite nice. And, I should totally stop calling him that. Now that I know him a little bit, he seems kinda cool, fun almost. Even if he's responsible for our stationery room at work going barren. But then again, companies like ours would not be afloat without people like him. So, I guess, he's alright. As much as I'd like to, I can't say the same for Mr. Pumpkin. Every time I see him, I fantasize a large bulls eye sign painted right on the center of his super large ego-inflated head. Imagine. Considering the sheer size of it, I would never even miss. With that record, what do you know, they might send me to the 2010 Winter Olympics and award me a platinum medal too. Hey! Impossible is nothing. Aishwarya Rai became an actress, didn't she?

More seriously, while on the topic of sport, I just have to write about IPL and ergo, the brand new love of my life - Rohit Sharma. I was at Sports Bar watching our match today and I could have kissed him till the end of time for the way he played tonight. I'm a fan alright. And some more, if he wants to know. Also, since I can't seem to spend two hours without someone talking about them, here goes. Yes, I like Zoozoos. And yes, I know they use real people in those ads. No, its not FYI anymore. For godsakes, everyone knows. Yeah, everyone. Even the real Zoozoos existing on another planets.

Relationships!!! Right. I was coming to that. So, I spent most of the week watching Ha worry herself sick over Grapher. She loves him to pieces. Then, I saw Pink Panther cry over someone. And, there was Jughead who couldn't stop fretting over Ice cream boy. I don't get it. These are some of the nicest people I know and they care deeply for the people they love. When most people of the normal world, even blind bats such as me, see it, why can't them jerks?!

Sunday, May 10

Lady In Red

About this weekend, my God, where do I even begin. I waited for it almost every working minute of every hour of every day this week. It came and it went. I did precious little except goof around. At this rate, fat chance of all those things on my life changing “list” happening. But then, what am I to do? Hard work and discipline go against my principles. Mum says you should never do anything that goes against your principles. And you know, you should always listen to your mum. See?!

Anyway, so I might as well tell you about how it went.

Pretty soon, I’m going to go into a work cum boredom induced coma. Or kill myself, for the lack of a more interesting thing to do at work. Hmmm. Maybe, I should start accepting bets on it. About which will come first or something of that sort, you know. Seriously, who knows? If they find it interesting enough, I will have safely insured myself for the afterlife. Man, it sucks.

But that’s not to say that all has been so grim. Things have looked up on certain other fronts. I can’t really write about it here coz let’s just say I don’t kiss and tell. Well, not that that happened. Something, equally beautiful but.

I just can’t seem to stop smiling every time I think about ‘it’. Quite embarrassing dammit – this stupid adolescent school girl type behaviour of mine. Believe me when I say that I’m rarely like that. In fact, the last time I felt like this was when that cute guitarist at the hotel played Romeo & Juliet for me, “the pretty little lady in red.” Oh, just in case you are wondering if there was some other lady in red, there wasn’t. I checked. Carefully. Twice.

And today, I met this guy, when Dad and I went on our usual Sunday house hunting marathon. He opened the door to his house and it was a crush on first sight. I was more than half in lust with him when a woman walked in to the room. You know how there is this one endless moment when you see a woman with the guy of your interest and hope against hope that the word he’ll use to explain her is sister or mother or daughter or maid or hell anything, except a wife/girl friend? Well, I lived that moment. Wife, as it turned out.

Why God? Why?

Why do you throw me in the path of such happily married men and tempt me with forbidden fruit thus?
I demand to know.

Tuesday, May 5

Paradise Regained.

I woke up with a fatalistic feeling about being in the same terrible shape that I was in yesterday. Ironically, it turned out quite the opposite. Because, I'm in one the best moods I've been in recent times. All my friends got together for me. Thanks to the blog, I didn't need to tell anyone anything. Most of them who read, got it.

Maybe because I pushed everything else to the back of my mind and got into kick ass work mode, or because the arm behaved nicely, I even had quite a good day at work today. I came back home and talked to the plants. One of them is flowering. I'm going to have a real garden, flaura & fauna et all. God, I'm so kicked. Anyway so then, Amen came over and we snuck up to the terrace to just lay back and watch the stars. It was, for the want of a better word, cathartic.

At that moment, I realised what a wuss I was being all this time. Cribbing about work and friends and well, everything. It's over now. Two months. That's what I'm giving myself. To change. A very "Yes, I can" type of change at that. It's about time too. Before you tax your sad little grey cells, of course, I have a list. And duh!, no, I'm not putting it out here. There is still such a thing as privacy, even if most don't know what it means.

Starting now, I'm going to go have some fun. Enough of fretting about why a certain 'friend' did that to me or how I'll ever get to do something interesting at work. I don't give a damn anymore. I have more important things on my list now. Things that are good for me. Things that'll end life as I knew it.

I can barely wait for tommorrow to dawn. For a new day, a new beginning.

Friday, May 1

Damn the Weather

Today was one of those days at work when I wanted to scream the entire place down. I thought, at least that way, someone will finally fire me and I can get out and do what I really want to do. At the last moment, sanity prevailed. So, I sat at my desk staring unseeingly at my screen for a long time, bored. Utterly, completely, mind numbingly bored. Usually, at this point, my mind automatically switches onto its wool gathering mode. This time though, I didn't want to think. I wanted to work. Only, the work I do these days is so crappy, I hate it. That's thing with almost everyone I know from work. They all hate what they're doing. No one will admit though. At least, not in public. Because then the happy work place illusion will crumble. And, there will be nothing left. Nothing.

The arm that I injured during the go-karting accident is getting worse by the day. It hurts so much I feel tears prickling at my eyes everytime the pain killers start to wear off. To add to this miserable state, I come to know that Ha has put in her papers. I can't stand the idea of work without her around. And, she's not even going to be in the city. Now, I have a brand new reason to hate Bengaluru. I do.

Since this is a whiny post, I can't really put stuff about Assy's trip here. Because that was fun. Both of us went bankrupt in the process which I think made it even better. He got me tons of stuff. I got him a Zippo. Damn, but I love Zippo's. I think they make the perfect gift for a guy.

Got a tarot reading done. Here's what - My career is apparently going to be excellent. My relationships are going to be a mess. Yeah! Like I needed the Knight of Swords to tell me that. Sheesh. Then, there was something about the shadow of the past looming large on the future stuff. Pilot Guy, New Kid, who?

My arm is throbbing again. Another bloody day at work tommorrow. It's sadder than I'm making it sound - My life.

What am I going to do about it? Live with it. What else?

PS: Those who didn't/don't intend to vote - SHAME ON YOU!

Friday, April 24

Hey there!

Before you get all geared up to read my next brilliant post, I should tell you that this is not going to be it. This is just to sorta pop my head in and show y'all that I'm still around. Out of the misanthropic mood yet? Not really. No. Much better than I’d been but still nowhere close to my usual state of being. I know. I'm beginning to really annoy myself too.

But to my delight, Assy is here. Albeit for a few days. But that's okay. It's enough. After all that waiting, it seems almost unreal to have him here. We've already spent most of three days together and yet we never seem to run out of things to talk about. Boy, it feels good. I needed my best friend here. For once, I got what I wanted.

We've a city sightseeing tour planned for tomorrow which starts early morning. So I better tuck in now. Or I'm going to be late. And then, we'll have to chase the bus like we did today. That was totally fun but something I’d rather not repeat just now. Today, we went to the Ramoji Film City place. I wonder if that guy's still around. Now there is a guy I don't think I would mind marrying. Oh C'mon! Why not? Two thousand acres of land, a production studio, a media house, chain stores, news channels and whatever else I still didn't find out about.

So, this is the plan: I’ll totally get into script writing. My debut work will be called "How I met your grandfather" which I will sell to the big guy himself. Bowled over by my wit, spontaneity, creativity, imagination, originality and of course, my unlimited capacity for self delusion, he will propose. And, I will accept.

He will nominate me the sole beneficiary of his will. I will take over his estate and live happily ever after. Muhhhaahhhaaaah

Ahem. Will go do that sleep thing now.

Before that, for all those who haven't watched 'Outsourced', please do. It's undoubtedly one of the better movies I watched this season. If you like it, try the series 'Mumbai Calling' on BBC. It's even better.

Wednesday, March 25


Since I'll have to do this sometime, I thought today should be as good as any other. Please get your popcorn, take your seat, make yourself comfortable and have the pleasure of watching me eat my words. This is going to take a while.

So like I said I would, I went to 'Bengaluru' for the weekend. Now, as most of you know, I'm not a big (or a small) fan of the city and have never been the one to actually understand what the mighty fuss was all about. This time though, in the two days that I was there, I caught a glimpse of the city I'd so blindly missed in all my previous trips there.

It was like I was seeing it for the first time; a completely different city emerging from the underneath the shadows of it's seemingly boring veneer. It had a pulse of its own that was almost throbbing in its intensity. Suddenly, I understood why they would despise, so fervently, every other place except their own. And why, they would find any other city, especially a one like Hyderabad, so lifeless.

Around four to five years ago, with my first trip to Mumbai, I had finished seeing every metro in the country. I decided then, that though I liked all of them equally, I'd never want to live in any of them. This trip changed that. For some reason, I could imagine living in that place, meeting 'the One' there, making it my home.

Of course, I squashed all these thoughts even before I could revel in 'em. Even as I'm writing it, my conscience is screaming bloody murder. I think I'll just stop here and move on to another track.

Yeah, so, the trip in itself was kickass fun. I did things I would never have thought myself capable of doing. We were on the streets the whole time we were there, shopping. Until I went broke. For the third time. Food was good. Ate goo at Koshy's, Momos at Tibetian and incredible hot fudge at Corner House. Bought grey market stuff at something-or-the-other plaza. Got seduced by the I Store and madly besotted with Blossoms. And missed going to Pecos!

But to give credit where its due, none of this would have been half as much fun if it hadn't been for Ha and Pink Panther. They were absolutely great. I couldn't have gotten better friends if I'd asked.

I can't wait to go again.

But before that, Chennai beckons. And so does my bed.


Wednesday, March 18

Note to Self

Three simple rules to sanity.

1. Don't lose sleep.

2. Don't lose temper.

3. Don't lose mind.

Monday, March 16

Should blogs be regulated?

Hmmm. Let's see. As a blogger, “I object”. As a student of journalism I say "Definitely not." And, as a citizen of a Sovereign Socialist Secular Democratic Republic, I say "F*** you!"

Why? For one reason and one reason only. Because I can!

That is what a blog is about. It’s about you. Being able to say what you please. You’re not claiming it’s factual. Or that it’s legit. You’re not persuading, forcing or coercing people into agreeing with you. You’re simply exercising your fundamental right to express a personal opinion.

In a public forum, yes. That changes things, sure. We need to be careful about what we say, Yoo Hoo. Responsible publishing, that’s what we need. Agreed. Here’s my question but – What is it and where can I find it? Books? I don’t think so. Newspapers? Chuckle. TV? Yeah, right. So what then? Nothing, that's what.

Okay. For a moment, let’s be imaginative and suppose that we do agree upon the regulations bit. Another of my annoying questions – How does one suggest we implement it? From what I read somewhere, there are more than forty thousand active bloggers in India. And about ten times that, have registered blog accounts. So, how then is content amounting to at least a million pages (and counting) in web space going to be regulated? More importantly, by whom is it going to be done? Who gets to decide what or what not to put on my blog? Finally and most importantly, what is objectionable content?

Will all of us bloggers be given a list of taboo topics we can’t post on? Here's another one. Have a censorship body that has their illiterate geniuses scour our blogs to “regulate” them? Or better. Send us to blog rehabs so that we are cured out of the very urge to blog? Dude, I have to admit. Sounds like a plan, it does.

So, I ask again, should blogs be regulated?

Sure. I'd like to see them try.

Thursday, February 26

Growing up

Trust me guys, you can't possibly be more disappointed in me than I already am with myself. But believe me when I say I tried. Somehow each time I just ended up logging off in favor of something else. Mostly, it was either sleep or tv. So this time, I've safely shut myself in my room with nothing but an ambitious effort to post the entry that's been long due.

Like those fancy writers, I think, I'll start with the weather. Summer has arrived. In school, that would have meant lots of holidays, chess and Rasna. In college, it would been long lazy days in the campus followed by fun sessions under the Bodhi. And tons of Sprite and Mango bars, of course. Now at work, it doesn't matter crap. Be it sweltering heat or freezing cold in the real world, we have one common season all through the year - that of the AC .

It's pathetic but I actually made a list of all the things I should mention in my next post. Now I can't either find or remember even a single thing from it except something about a wisdom tooth. I have one growing rather oddly in some weird corner of my mouth. Its quite painful, really. Please don't be a smartass and tell me to go see one of those dentists. Because I hate dentists. More than I hate snakes. The only thing I hate more than snakes is blood. Which I hate more than milk. Which, by the way, is more than I hate wisdom teeth. So, just leave me be in my misery, alright?

One of the things that I didn't have in my list, but by the worth of 8 Oscars, warrants a mention is, of course, our very own rags-to-riches story - the Slumdog Saga. Object to the film on any cinematic principle all you want, and I'll be the first to second you. But if anyone so much as says one word on the lines of racism or showing India in a poor light or similar nonsense, I swear on all that's unholy, I'm going to dress them in black, bleed them and then leave them on a Tower of Silence for the vultures to feed.

On second thought, I think I know who else I'd like to do that to. The two Arians males in my life, that's who. I've given them way too much importance for my own good. They've expired all credit with me, every last cent and I'm so done with them. Permanently with at least one. But it's about time the both of them find themselves a new doormat. I quit.

The only thing that hasn't changed all that much from the last time is the bit about work. I've too much to do these days and it's taking over so large a portion of my life, that I don't do much outside of it. Strangely enough, I'm okay with it.

So this is "growing up" huh? Because if it is, it kinda sucks.

Sunday, February 8

The Days Past

So there's news and then there's news.

I'll start with the news. The blog’s famous. Yeah, this one. An unlikely possibility one would say, right? Wrong. A bunch of guys from work, by that I really mean, a bunch of bosses found out and read it. And I wouldn't even have known if it hadn't been for one kind soul that was nice enough to let me know that they know. I’ll tell you, it freaked me out. Because, if he hadn’t... I would have continued being me and probably would have gone on and on about work and such. Not that I’ll stop doing that. Writing for Writing’s Sake and all that, you see. However, I will certainly be censoring it a little bit to save myself from a couple of hundred lawsuits, if not for anything else. But these guys were all pretty cool about it. I think that’s because they were more amused by my antics than annoyed.

Thank you for that God. I now believe in you. Hallowed be thy name.

But seriously, with all the spy movies I watch and the superior criminal intelligence that I’m always boasting about having, you'd think I knew better. Turns out, I'm quite the moron at this sorta thing. Because, even a troll would have known -- Rule No 1: NO SPECIFICS! I did everything short of putting up my birth certificate up here. My god, I can almost see it, the writing on the wall – I’m a stalker’s dream come true!

The two or so things I got out of the whole thing: One, after everything that happened I can feel jubilant about the fact that all said they enjoyed reading the blog. I must be supremely self obsessed if I am capable of that. Two, if you are a fellow moron who is prone to divulging specifics in public forums, always remember that Google Alerts is watching you. Clean your stuff now, trust me, I learnt it the hard way.

Moving on the ‘then there’s news’ bit.

I must’ve aged ten years the past Friday. We had to rush Dad to a hospital at two o’ clock that morning. The doctors at one hospital diagnosed it as pneumonia. Since, we were pretty sure it wasn’t that, we took him to another, where they said that it was a heart attack – his third. Turns out ‘they’ were medical students who were just learning to read an ECG but freely dispensing useless diagnoses to anyone willing to listen. If I knew how, I’d have sued those guys for that. Anyway, when we did get through to the cardiologist, he put some sense into the situation. Finally, it turned out to be some serious gastric ailment, common to patients of the heart. Fortunately, he snapped out of it fine. But they wanted to keep him under observation for a couple of days which meant that I stayed overnight at the hospital with him.

Traumatic doesn’t quite cut it. It was tiring and terrifying and extreme, multiplied hundred.

Only, now that every thing’s okay, I’m able to smile and stuff. Or even write about such two things in the same post. Or else ... no, I don’t think I’d want to go there.

I just genuinely wish never to relive a day like that ever again. Ever.

Wednesday, January 28

A Train of Thought

That appraisal thingy happened today. Ten minutes into the meeting and I kind of tuned out and started dreaming. Just when things were getting interesting, my manager worked me out of my stupor by showing me some figures. By company standards, I did decently. As "expected" of me. So, if they are starting with the laying off, I won't be the very first to go and that is enough to soothe my ruffled feathers. The rest, I don't really care about.

Since that would make for a really small post, I thought I'd put some random stuff as it floats through my head just now.

That Stupid Cousin - marrying another Southie like there were no other races to choose from. How am I ever going to survive the wedding? There isn't going to be even a single good looking guy in the vicinity. And Chicago in March, she's kidding me or what! I'm NOT going.

The New Perfume - I think I'm getting drunk on it. In my state of intoxication,
I hit upon a brilliant idea. I'm going to use this perfume to snare some filthy rich guy and then use his money to get more perfumes like this made exclusively for me. What do you think?

The Yearly lists - I'm going to get started on them from tomorrow. Should I put them on here? No. Well, maybe. Maybe not. Why not? Yeah, why not. You know what, I think I will.

The Guy - He's beginning to bore the hell out of me. Will I ever find someone who won't? Will I?

Slumdog Millionaire - Why Freida Pinto? Really, why? And yeah, pretty good stuff - the film. But I've seen a lot that were better. Way better.

The Company Party - Coming up. I hate dressing up for these things. Parties are for people who drink, dance and/or hit on other people. Not for people who go to watch these people hit on those people.

Writing - A few say I'm writing differently these days. Really? Hmmm. I don't think so. But then, what do I know? I rarely read most of what I write.

Sleep - Shit! It's 2'o yet again. To bed, NOW!