Tuesday, July 31


Inspired by this

You are sitting a safe distance away from the wall.  You have been sitting there for a while, taking in the air, waiting for the rain to come.  From time to time, you look at the wall and remember. The last you tried jumping, you didn't fly. You fell. And hurt yourself. It took you all this time to pick up the pieces and glue yourself together. Now, you are slowly beginning to mend, resemble a bit of your old self.

Then there he comes. Tempting you. Teasing you. Luring you into trusting him.  He shows you dreams of flying. Says you should jump together.

You tell him that you don't want to jump. That it's painful. And it hurt you. And everything. He promises it will be okay.

So you ignore all the warning bells in your head. The sickening blackness in your gut. You throw caution to the winds.  Walk to the ledge and look at him. He smiles reassuringly.  So you take a breath, count to three and take the plunge.

You are on the floor again, smashed into a thousand pieces. Just like last time. You look up and see him still up on the roof. Why? You want to know. It was for you.  So, I could protect you, he says.

You laugh, until your insides hurt. Until you can feel no more. Until the blackness takes over. Until it starts to rain.

Until it's lights out in wonderland.