Wednesday, November 29

Sweet November... ?!!

This month has been crazy. First, I do something I vowed I'll never do. And, if it had involved just me, I would probably've written about it. (taking into consideration my newly developed masochistic tendencies, it would've been truly ecstatic to watch me eat my words. ) While we are there, I take this opportunity to publicly announce that as of November 17th '06, I've crossed onto the dark side. Secondly, I'd like to apologize in general, to all the people I've wrongly judged/condemned on this issue. The people who have been a victim of such behaviour will know what I'm talking about. Damn.... these cryptics are so not my style. If only I wasn't bound by my word, it would've been such great fun to relive that experience.

Moving on to greener pastures, the topic of conversation for the past few weeks in college has been mood indigo and moodi indigo only. Starting at the start, initiating the discussions, planning the details, wading through the deliberations.. its finally paid off. Or so I'd like to think. As of yesterday, the tickets have been confirmed and if everything goes according to plan (which it never does) I should be celebrating my Christmas in Mumbai.

To boast of an achievement, I've managed to put my past experiences behind me... (read my very
first post ) and try my hand at driving again.... all thanks to Snea. And, the best part being... I haven't caused any permanent damage to her bike or completely killed her as yet. Yipeeeee!!! I can't but feel proud of myself in situations like this. I think I' ll stop here before I jinx it. I'll write about it only when I cease to be a potential health hazard to all human and animal life forms.

On another dismal note, three friends of mine have all come to me with news. Apparently, all of them have been struck by Cupid. Worse, they sound disgustingly smug. Love notes, e-mails, phone calls, dates, gifts, engagements....???!! I think I'm gonna die listening to all of it. The guys that I thought were so beyond all this crap are now flag bearers of mushhood. Such losers! I hope all of them are in love with the same girl and then kill each other over her. And that's what I'd call poetic justice.

And now, I'm being co-erced into giving a lecture in a national seminar on topics like India's role in SAARC and ASEAN and India's relationship with the US and the EU and a debate on the same. (I know... what the hell!!! rt) I think I know more about the secret sexual desires of single men than International Relations and Indian Politics. To add to it all, there might be a possible involvement of mine in the organization of yet another fete.

If I can get out all this, maybe.. just maybe I' ll begin to believe that there is a God somewhere! Hey... everyone has a right to wishful thinking!