Sunday, November 18

Buri Nazar Wale, Tera Muh Kaala

1.Okay, really, like WTF?!  All this while I've been going on and on like a miserable fuck and no one even thought to tell me. Y'all suck. I want to make you guys pay, but I'm guessing you already have. Anyway, enough. New rules. Until Something Really Happens, no boys on the blog.

2. 45 days. 18 books. Eight behind the required run rate. I have to finish the reading challenge, dammit. It's the only thing I decided to do this year. If I don't, I'm going to bin all my resolutions for the new year. Okay, I have to say it. I'm just so, so sick of reading on the Kindle, dear reader. I just want to hold a real book. which smells of paper. has a cover. and which I can spill things on. which looks different from the previous or the next book. which I can put next to my pillow. and sleep.  Can someone gimme a bunch of those, please? Pleaseee?

3. Now, this is not really on the list but am I the only one that thinks Daniel Craig = dopey eyed construction worker/self-mutilating monk from Angels & Demons. Oh, and Skyfall?! "The Best. Bond. Movie. Ever." "Dark, supple, and punctuated with moments of unanticipated visual brilliance.Are you kidding me?. I'll take Home Alone 3 over this cheap, campy joke, thank you very much.

4. On the work front, I'm waiting for a Good Thing to happen.  If it does, it will change everything.  I'm pretending like I don't really care but I do, dear universe, I really, really do.  Can you conspire to make it happen? Before the end of the year, if you don't mind. I'm aging by the minute here.

5. Inspired by Jughead and the Dark Lord, for the first time ever, a weight-watch ticker. Hit The Golden Number by 31st December.

PS: "Until Something Really Happens."  "A Good Thing." "The Golden Number." Why am I talking like this?  All in good time, my friends. All in good time.

Tuesday, November 13

All or Nothing

Today, I did something I'm rather proud of.  Something the stubborn, passive-agressive me of six-months ago would never done.  I was fair. I was just. I talked. And, I listened.  I won't pretend it was easy. Losing a friend. But I did it anyway.

I'm still a little underwhelmed. But I'm told that's what happens when you go with a plan.

I admit, I always overestimate people I like.  I think them the smartest, the coolest and the nicest.  Again and again, I give them every benefit of doubt. I think no less of them when they've wronged me.  Short of murder and rape,  I forgive them pretty much everything.

So, the only thing that can make me truly dislike them is them.  When they do things even the idiotically-loyal-me cannot overlook. Still, I hope.  I wait and wait for them to prove me wrong.

When they still don't, one day, I switch off.  Take them off my radar.  Call it a day.

As I did today.

I said my goodbyes. Found my closure.

Now, I move on.