Friday, April 24

Hey there!

Before you get all geared up to read my next brilliant post, I should tell you that this is not going to be it. This is just to sorta pop my head in and show y'all that I'm still around. Out of the misanthropic mood yet? Not really. No. Much better than I’d been but still nowhere close to my usual state of being. I know. I'm beginning to really annoy myself too.

But to my delight, Assy is here. Albeit for a few days. But that's okay. It's enough. After all that waiting, it seems almost unreal to have him here. We've already spent most of three days together and yet we never seem to run out of things to talk about. Boy, it feels good. I needed my best friend here. For once, I got what I wanted.

We've a city sightseeing tour planned for tomorrow which starts early morning. So I better tuck in now. Or I'm going to be late. And then, we'll have to chase the bus like we did today. That was totally fun but something I’d rather not repeat just now. Today, we went to the Ramoji Film City place. I wonder if that guy's still around. Now there is a guy I don't think I would mind marrying. Oh C'mon! Why not? Two thousand acres of land, a production studio, a media house, chain stores, news channels and whatever else I still didn't find out about.

So, this is the plan: I’ll totally get into script writing. My debut work will be called "How I met your grandfather" which I will sell to the big guy himself. Bowled over by my wit, spontaneity, creativity, imagination, originality and of course, my unlimited capacity for self delusion, he will propose. And, I will accept.

He will nominate me the sole beneficiary of his will. I will take over his estate and live happily ever after. Muhhhaahhhaaaah

Ahem. Will go do that sleep thing now.

Before that, for all those who haven't watched 'Outsourced', please do. It's undoubtedly one of the better movies I watched this season. If you like it, try the series 'Mumbai Calling' on BBC. It's even better.