Wednesday, November 5

How the mighty fall...!

Since the day I started the blog, there hasn't been a single month that has passed by without me having published a post. Like most milestones in my life, the 100th post became the excuse I was looking for to call it a chapter. So, I vowed off writing for a couple of months, closed shop and decided to go underground. The latter was easy. The former is proving to be another story.

Never has my need to write been stronger than it is now. I can't begin to describe how its been for the past few days. Last year I thought, Cud took the cake for breaking her leg by falling off a sidewalk. I should have known better to think Psycho wouldn't compete. She did. And she won - hands and legs down, if I may add. Only, she has done a hell lot more than break her leg. She suffered multiple injuries to her leg and arm in some freak accident by actually plummeting into the space between a platform and a running train.

I've pondered and wondered and finally speculated extensively about the "how's" of it in a variety of angles and scenarios. I can't. My imagination fails me. Never having been too crazy about modesty, I'm sure Psycho is just waiting to show off to everybody how, even in her fall, she stuck to her guns and defied gravity, death and logic, all at once.

Those of you who have ever been a part of a gang will know how its like. If you have say, five people in it, you do everything: book movie tickets, make restaurant reservations, send sms', remember birthdays, shop for things, collect contributions, divide expenses, all in fives. Eventually, it'll come as naturally to you as the count of the plates you'd set at home for dinner.

But not unlike many relationships, ours started showing its cracks. We all got so comfy with each other that we got complacent. We passed out of college with an assurance that nothing would change. But the truth was that nothing remained the same. We had become so cocky that we didn't bother with even common courtesies like calling or meeting anymore. To cut a long story short, we got lulled into living our lives and we simply started taking each other for granted.

Nevertheless, life has a funny way of shaking you out of your reverie. The accident did more than just make a point. It has driven me stark raving mad. Blessed as I am with the capacity to think only good thoughts, I don't think I've ever (other than for mum & dad) prayed, feared or worried for anyone as much as I've done in the past few days for this crazy kid. While she's around, she's always irritating the heck out of me and yet, for all that, I can't think of a single thing I wouldn't do if it would make her hurt just a lil lesser or get her to feel a bit better.