Friday, January 14

New Arrivals

You know the good thing about my cousins? They are all techhies.  The good thing about tecchies? They either (i) end up going to the US to study or (b) pass out of mediocre colleges here and get placed in companies that send them to the States. (Mine, btw were all a) The good thing about the States? Amazon sells my (late) christmas gift for $189 there.

It was awesome, really.  I woke up one morning to see a cousin hand me a neatly wrapped package with an amazon sticker on it.  My mum had ordered it. I opened hopefully and there it was, my brand new shiny Kindle. I can't be sure yet but I bet this must be exactly how mothers feel when they are first handed their baby. I've christened him Sheldon Cooper. You know, like after Sheldon Cooper! He's quirky et all but I love him to death.

This, by the way, looks like a good year for me. Technology wise. Not three days  into the 2011 and I bought myself this. It's not exactly what I'd call pretty or for someone currently out of business but its very no-nonsense and adds to my new I-am-a-grown-up-so-take-me-seriously-and-pay-me-well! look, so thats all that matters.

Actually, something a lot of people don't know about me is how much cool technology turns me on. Almost as much as Brandon Routh, if you want to know.  And, don't make me tell you how much that is. Between Devil kid and me, the things we bought ourselves till now?  An iPhone, 3 Nokia (1 drowned, 1 lost, 1 stolen), a Motorola (lost),  a Blackberry, a Kindle, a 42"LCD, 2 iPods, 2 Laptops, 2 Cameras (1 lost), 2 Desktop (1 conked), an Xbox 360, a PS, a PS2, a PSP(lost) and my looney tunes battery operated toothbrush. And, they don't make for even a quarter of our needs.

Now you see why I desperately need that well paying job and that rich husband?  But let's not talk about either until we've found both, yes? Yes.

In other news, life changing decisions have been made. Some of which you will find here. I will speak of them in detail just as soon as I decide whether they were the best or the worst I've ever made.  Having said that, going against every grain of character, Grouchy has embraced the "every thing happens for a reason" school of thought.  Superimposed on an existentialist frame of mind, it's been going very well so far. So, no matter what happens, happy she's determined to be.

Pip Pip! Brand new new-year resolutions, book and movie lists are coming up.  So keep checking!

PS: Oh, and sorry about the highlights of the trip thing. I swear it will come up as soon as I can find it.  And that might take a while.  Internet is a big place, no?