Thursday, May 15

Come what 'may'

Okay, first the bad news. I didn't make TISS. How bad do I feel about it? Not much. My ego is wounded but that's about it. I feel a little sorry for Dad, he had hopes. For some unknown reason, he still likes to believe I'm IIM material. Sad. For me, it was never even about the course or the place. It was simply about whether I would be able to make the cut. I didn't. No excuses. No regrets. But a tip for someone who wants to make TISS - if they offer to give you admission without the hostel seat, please say YES!

Moving on to the good news. I got my final results last week. I did pretty good. Which means that as of today I'm a full fledged graduate, 'bachelors et all'. I have to admit, it makes for a satisfying thought.

Even other than that, the past two weeks have been immensely productive. I enrolled for that course in NALSAR. I hope to do it justice. And, I got my learner's license. Now I can officially prowl the streets of the city, road rage style. Also, I went to a Strings concert which was surprisingly good, considering that it was free for all. Most importantly, I met with my new doctor, a seriously cool guy. I have a feeling, its the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

That aside, on the occasion of our graduation, all of us - i.e the gang have worked out some predictions for our intended 10 year re-union. They will go here, as on record, for future reference.

Time : December 2018.
Place : My futuristic 'bungalow.'
People : The gang and their partners only (on account of my house being a kids free zone.)

Predictions :

Amen -

Profession - Stay at home mom.
Partner - A dress wearing, beard growing, conservative man of a serious disposition who has a thing for play acting in the bed room.
Kids - 4-5.
State of being - Content with wifely duties.

Jughead -

Profession - An advertising executive/ successful food critic.
Partner - A "healthy" rounded Chef whose love for food will match his love for Jughead and vice versa .
Kids - 2. Both adopted. An exotic looking girl from Africa and blue eyed boy from Britain.
State of being - Hungry.

Cud -

Profession - A hardcore journalist/lecturer/UN official.
Partner- Intelligence Op/Journalist/Banker, preferably artistic, eccentric and insensitive with a non-existant libido and a high ego quotient .
Kids - 1.
State of being - Indifferent.

Pyscho -

Profession - A teacher/erotic or romance writer with an Obsessive Compulsive Disorder coupled with a manic repressive disorder.
Partner - A Good looking, naxal/shady type, with the sensitivity of a little girl and a thing for all things filmy.
Kids - 2.
State of being - Pregnant and horny.

Mini -

Profession - Corporate snob.
Partner - Twice her age/ has a cute elder brother, dimpled and egoistic with an affinity for arrogance and a careless disregard for convention.
Kids - 1.
State of being - Comatose.