Thursday, February 26

Growing up

Trust me guys, you can't possibly be more disappointed in me than I already am with myself. But believe me when I say I tried. Somehow each time I just ended up logging off in favor of something else. Mostly, it was either sleep or tv. So this time, I've safely shut myself in my room with nothing but an ambitious effort to post the entry that's been long due.

Like those fancy writers, I think, I'll start with the weather. Summer has arrived. In school, that would have meant lots of holidays, chess and Rasna. In college, it would been long lazy days in the campus followed by fun sessions under the Bodhi. And tons of Sprite and Mango bars, of course. Now at work, it doesn't matter crap. Be it sweltering heat or freezing cold in the real world, we have one common season all through the year - that of the AC .

It's pathetic but I actually made a list of all the things I should mention in my next post. Now I can't either find or remember even a single thing from it except something about a wisdom tooth. I have one growing rather oddly in some weird corner of my mouth. Its quite painful, really. Please don't be a smartass and tell me to go see one of those dentists. Because I hate dentists. More than I hate snakes. The only thing I hate more than snakes is blood. Which I hate more than milk. Which, by the way, is more than I hate wisdom teeth. So, just leave me be in my misery, alright?

One of the things that I didn't have in my list, but by the worth of 8 Oscars, warrants a mention is, of course, our very own rags-to-riches story - the Slumdog Saga. Object to the film on any cinematic principle all you want, and I'll be the first to second you. But if anyone so much as says one word on the lines of racism or showing India in a poor light or similar nonsense, I swear on all that's unholy, I'm going to dress them in black, bleed them and then leave them on a Tower of Silence for the vultures to feed.

On second thought, I think I know who else I'd like to do that to. The two Arians males in my life, that's who. I've given them way too much importance for my own good. They've expired all credit with me, every last cent and I'm so done with them. Permanently with at least one. But it's about time the both of them find themselves a new doormat. I quit.

The only thing that hasn't changed all that much from the last time is the bit about work. I've too much to do these days and it's taking over so large a portion of my life, that I don't do much outside of it. Strangely enough, I'm okay with it.

So this is "growing up" huh? Because if it is, it kinda sucks.

Sunday, February 8

The Days Past

So there's news and then there's news.

I'll start with the news. The blog’s famous. Yeah, this one. An unlikely possibility one would say, right? Wrong. A bunch of guys from work, by that I really mean, a bunch of bosses found out and read it. And I wouldn't even have known if it hadn't been for one kind soul that was nice enough to let me know that they know. I’ll tell you, it freaked me out. Because, if he hadn’t... I would have continued being me and probably would have gone on and on about work and such. Not that I’ll stop doing that. Writing for Writing’s Sake and all that, you see. However, I will certainly be censoring it a little bit to save myself from a couple of hundred lawsuits, if not for anything else. But these guys were all pretty cool about it. I think that’s because they were more amused by my antics than annoyed.

Thank you for that God. I now believe in you. Hallowed be thy name.

But seriously, with all the spy movies I watch and the superior criminal intelligence that I’m always boasting about having, you'd think I knew better. Turns out, I'm quite the moron at this sorta thing. Because, even a troll would have known -- Rule No 1: NO SPECIFICS! I did everything short of putting up my birth certificate up here. My god, I can almost see it, the writing on the wall – I’m a stalker’s dream come true!

The two or so things I got out of the whole thing: One, after everything that happened I can feel jubilant about the fact that all said they enjoyed reading the blog. I must be supremely self obsessed if I am capable of that. Two, if you are a fellow moron who is prone to divulging specifics in public forums, always remember that Google Alerts is watching you. Clean your stuff now, trust me, I learnt it the hard way.

Moving on the ‘then there’s news’ bit.

I must’ve aged ten years the past Friday. We had to rush Dad to a hospital at two o’ clock that morning. The doctors at one hospital diagnosed it as pneumonia. Since, we were pretty sure it wasn’t that, we took him to another, where they said that it was a heart attack – his third. Turns out ‘they’ were medical students who were just learning to read an ECG but freely dispensing useless diagnoses to anyone willing to listen. If I knew how, I’d have sued those guys for that. Anyway, when we did get through to the cardiologist, he put some sense into the situation. Finally, it turned out to be some serious gastric ailment, common to patients of the heart. Fortunately, he snapped out of it fine. But they wanted to keep him under observation for a couple of days which meant that I stayed overnight at the hospital with him.

Traumatic doesn’t quite cut it. It was tiring and terrifying and extreme, multiplied hundred.

Only, now that every thing’s okay, I’m able to smile and stuff. Or even write about such two things in the same post. Or else ... no, I don’t think I’d want to go there.

I just genuinely wish never to relive a day like that ever again. Ever.