Wednesday, January 28

A Train of Thought

That appraisal thingy happened today. Ten minutes into the meeting and I kind of tuned out and started dreaming. Just when things were getting interesting, my manager worked me out of my stupor by showing me some figures. By company standards, I did decently. As "expected" of me. So, if they are starting with the laying off, I won't be the very first to go and that is enough to soothe my ruffled feathers. The rest, I don't really care about.

Since that would make for a really small post, I thought I'd put some random stuff as it floats through my head just now.

That Stupid Cousin - marrying another Southie like there were no other races to choose from. How am I ever going to survive the wedding? There isn't going to be even a single good looking guy in the vicinity. And Chicago in March, she's kidding me or what! I'm NOT going.

The New Perfume - I think I'm getting drunk on it. In my state of intoxication,
I hit upon a brilliant idea. I'm going to use this perfume to snare some filthy rich guy and then use his money to get more perfumes like this made exclusively for me. What do you think?

The Yearly lists - I'm going to get started on them from tomorrow. Should I put them on here? No. Well, maybe. Maybe not. Why not? Yeah, why not. You know what, I think I will.

The Guy - He's beginning to bore the hell out of me. Will I ever find someone who won't? Will I?

Slumdog Millionaire - Why Freida Pinto? Really, why? And yeah, pretty good stuff - the film. But I've seen a lot that were better. Way better.

The Company Party - Coming up. I hate dressing up for these things. Parties are for people who drink, dance and/or hit on other people. Not for people who go to watch these people hit on those people.

Writing - A few say I'm writing differently these days. Really? Hmmm. I don't think so. But then, what do I know? I rarely read most of what I write.

Sleep - Shit! It's 2'o yet again. To bed, NOW!

Tuesday, January 27

A Holiday

Last week, I just packed my bags one day and decided to head out of town. Along the way, I knew I had to go to a place with a beach, so I chose Vizag. As it happened, I also went to my Mum's village - I beg your pardon - 'town' from there and then returned to Vizag for my flight back home.

The trip was in all interesting. I'll give it that. But did it, well, meet its objective? Hell No! I got neither some peace nor some quiet. So, Get them tattooed on your body Gajini style if you have to, but do NOT do any of the following while going on an impromptu vacation (***especially the lone female traveller):

1. Get a sleeper class train ticket.

I had to use considerable charm on the TC and pay him twice my ticket's worth to upgrade it to an AC one.
I slept fitfully for the first time in weeks. Maybe excessive spending is what it takes to get to me sleep peacefully. A comforting thought, if there ever was one.

2. Go to a city where you have family.

For obvious reasons.

3. Go to a city like Vizag expecting it to be a real city.

Because it's not. It's a small town with villagers for people and decent stuff for food. Also, if you are modern female who looks the part, its very advisable to wear a Burkha at all times.

4. Go to any place with an overwhelmingly large Telugu population.

They are incapable of doing the one thing you want them to do - leave you alone. But what they are capable of doing is talk - loudly and endlessly until you are ready to let your ear drums explode rather than to listen to them.

5. Go to meet your Evil Grand Mom.

Now, there's something I will never retry doing. Ever. I should've finished her off when I had the chance. Hey, I tried! ( as a kid, I set her cot on fire.) But she stubbornly refuses to move on to a better place. Damn thing, that.

6. Hit on any guy you meet along the way.

The three guys that caught my attention were all tall, dark and gorgeous. And also (i) shady (ii) stupid and (iii) incompetent, respectively. The third deserves a special mention. He was the pilot of my flight. Thanks to his crash landing, I now have a concussion and a big bump to show for it as memorabilia.
It just has to be that way for me, the ending of all my trips - Memorable.

Tuesday, January 20

Back to the Blog!

Where have I been?
Well, the same place I was the last time I made an entry. Only, a lot lot busier. But that's not why I didn't write. It was all thanks to the Performance Appraisal which was on the past month. That had me writing pages and pages about how I contributed to the company and/or saved the world. Since I didn’t do a single thing for either, I struggled strong and hard to find a few facts that could fill at least one field in the form. When that didn't work, I went on to fabricate qualities, incidents and achievements that even my mum wouldn’t know about me. Following the traumatic ordeal, I just couldn't stand the idea of writing another single word about myself.

When I finally did get around to it, my stupid illiterate idiot of an ISP abducted my state-of-the-art router (which King Kong so graciously brought for me) and absconded with it. It took me two visits to recover it and then two more weeks of intense user manual reading to get it to work. Before I could even put it to use, things got all heated up at work and there was just so much happening all around that I didn't really have the time or the inclination to sit and write about it.

But now that I do, I'm going to go on until someone strongly suggests that I shut up.

Work. Well, that's mostly what I'm so tied up with these days. And willingly at that. I think I’m finally developing the taste for it. Today, I recall the wise words of a dear friend who once said “It will get so bad, you’ll begin to like it”. This must be it. But all things considered, it’s shaping out quite decently, I’d say. Touch wood. We wouldn't want the Gods getting any unwanted ideas, would we?

Oh! That reminds me, the brilliant idea that's been mulling in my head for the past month or so is that of moving base off the mother ship. Not that I’ll actually do it, but I’m still ideating. All the friends seem to be having a swell time with the parties, roomies and the jazz. And, I do nothing but laze around. Besides, I'm beginning to think that if I don't move out now, I never might. Shudder.

[As an aside: This guy I know wouldn’t ever talk to me while his roomie was around for the fear of him overhearing our conversations because then, he would start ribbing him about talking to a "girl”. Unless they were both possessive and insecure gay partners, I still don't get it. And today, this other guy absolutely refuses to read a book (perfectly decent) I sent him while his roomie was around! So, is it just me or what?!]

And yeah, here's it - the realization of the month. I've been comatose for most of my life. Not that anyone would be inclined to disagree, but just to emphasize on the point... I am! I'm light years behind most living things on everything. I found out two weeks ago that the 'Rock On' sound track is absolutely awesome. I wouldn't stop raving about it. Some humored me while others just politely told me that it had been passé for two months now!

Last week was the first time I went go-karting thanks to RR of course. If it wasn't for all our 'dates', I never would have gone to all the places that I have or done the things that he made me do. God bless him. Anyhow, I was so high on it the next day, I yelled at everyone who wasn't as psyched about it as I was. Most weren't. They had already done it a few times in the last few years, they tell me.

And all that is excluding the Poison fiasco. I don't think I even want to go there. I have to do a few centuries worth of time travel if I have to arrive at today's dating scene.

If I have to get on with my vision 2015, I better get started pronto huh?

As if.

Knowing me, I'll just sit on my ass and dream all day of my imaginary Prince coming to rescue me from my five storied dump. Sigh!


PS: Please forgive all the alliteration. The flow of words just went that way. It isn't intentional. Wait, am I doing it again? I think I am. Sorry!