Friday, July 24


Washing clothes. Sucky food. Sweat. Hair in the bathroom. Cold showers. Sweat. Sweet bread. Green curtains. Waking early. Stupid lingo. Sleep in class. Shooting on the roads. Writing. Assignments. Flunking. News. Roomies. Local trains. Assoholic Autos. Salty Water. Homesickness. Dirty odors. Cotton Clothes. Relapse. Mad people. Madder Professors. Wasted money. Wheel of Time. Regrets. Withdrawal symptoms. Dirty Roads. Four hour classes. Men in hostel. Deserted streets. Brown skin.

That's my life for you, as it is.

Having been the goose that I have been, I promised myself that I wouldn't crib. Especially, not after having said all those things about "doing what is close to my heart" and all that rubbish.

So, I'll just say two things

One: I'll never admit it otherwise but here it is - I miss these guys like mad. All of them. Hawkeye. Eye Candy. King Kong. Ha. Tiny Woman. Gobbler. Mommy Depp. Amen. Jughead. Cud. Psycho. RR. Even all the people I can't think of just now. Is this homesickness or have I just turned into a wimp?

Two: Help! Somebody. Anybody. Just get me the hell outta here. Please?!

PS : I was on an INS - FAC today. Honest to God! A Fast Attack Craft of the Indian Navy, just in case you weren't impressed. It was the coolest thing ever. Remind me to talk about it the next time**.

**If I am still alive and kicking, I will tell you all. I promise.

Thursday, July 2


A not-so-known fact about me. I’m a terrible, I mean, hopeless, and by that I mean a really really pathetic softie. I kid you not. I’m a genuine sucker for lost causes. It has something, or a lot, to do with the female in me, I suppose. But I can’t turn my back on an underdog, ever. Take tennis. I have to side with the losing side irrespective of who is playing. Even if it means siding against someone like Roddick. That’s saying something, isn’t it? For the uninitiated, I say even Roddick because well, he has been the greatest crush of my life, till recently of course, when he decided to go marry Brooklyn the Bimbo.

On second thought, maybe, it has nothing to do with lost causes at all. Because why then would I, for the past two hours, kept my fingers (on both hands and toes) crossed until I saw Roddick into the Semis? Maybe, it has everything to do with being a Leo. Leos are known for their undying loyalty towards those they love. And I am your proverbial Leo. It’s hard for me not to tire of people or things. Because I do, easily. But if I don’t and I start liking something, I can’t stop.

Like I fell for MJ when I first heard Black or White back in my sixth grade. I remember playing the tape over and over for the song until I memorized every lyric, note and nuance of it. So many favourites followed and so much has changed since then. But to this day, no matter who says what, I still adore him. As much as ever, if not more. People who think it good riddance don’t know what the hell they’re talking about. When I heard the news, I wept unabashedly for him. He was an extraordinary person and one of the greatest artistes the world has ever seen and I won’t let anyone tell me differently. Rest in Peace, my friend. I love you.

I know it’s crazy to defend dubious characters. Or to empty my wallet to hungry kids. Or to worry about world affairs. Or to wish for happy endings. In fact, it might be just about the stupidest way to go about life. But, it’s mine to live and this is the way I choose to live it.