Wednesday, December 30

Goodbye, dear year.

Wow! The end of the year already.  I still remember sitting at my desk at work one January morning and thinking about what the hell I'd be doing this year. Five months later, I quit. Ten days after that, I moved to Chennai and joined the J school.  And two months from then, I turned twenty-one. 

Living away from home, in a new city, with absolute strangers has been everything people say it is and more -- It's addictive. I wonder if I can ever go back to living at home at all.   

Don't get me wrong. Coming back home for the term-end has been awesome too. The comforts of home. Don't even get me started. And the weather. Oh, the weather. This is the kind of winters that I remember of Hyd from childhood. I didn't even realise how cold it had gotten until Demon Kid took me on a midnight ride on his bike (I might drop dead after saying this but I think I quite like the feel of Avenger. Yeah, I didn't think I'd ever admit it. But there. It gave me a total high) 

And then there was Cud's 22nd which was super fun. We started off with lunch at 10D  (which BTW beats the pants off Chennai's) and to Amen's in the evening where we cut a makeshift cake and then divine Pani-puri at a TB like fellow's and finally chinese take-out from Flyovers for dinner. Really, it couldn't have been more perfect. Save for Jughead. I miss her so much. Inshallah, she will be with us soon. 

Back to Christmas (or wait, was it the day before or after... so whatever) that we went and watched 3 Idiots and Twilight II back-to-back. So here's the thing.  Amen used her best-friend influence to drag a kicking-and-screaming me to the theatre because I wanted to watch Avatar and not 3 Idiots. Much to my dismay and her glee, I quite liked the movie. Especially the first half.  It cracked me up despite all my reservations and I even enjoyed all the unnecessary drama in the second half. It was definitely one of the better ones I watched this season.  Now, I wish I could say something or well, just anything nice about Twilight II.  I can't.  Though the aboriginal fellow, I should mention, is truly magnificent in his beauty and trust me, so much more for the eyes than that Cullen guy. Still, don't watch it. It's long. And boring. Very very boring.   

I didn't mind it all that much though because I spent more time with Amen and Cud in the past week than I think I did the whole year. I hope we do a lot more before I leave. 

Oh and before I move on from Christmas, I love this year's so much more because Kiwi Boy got me two brilliant volumes of Calvin & Hobbes and an MJ poster.  And, then, Human Pillow got me wind chimes which I absolutely adore. I love these guys, I truly do. 

And today, I went to the office to catch up with everyone here. It didn't occur to me until then, how much I missed my sodexho and the money and all. Okay, so, yeah I miss the people too. What the hell, I might as well admit it. I miss them a lot. I just know that I'll never ever work with such a cool gang ever again. In fact, I think I was so excited talking to all of them, I couldn't even eat. Instead I ate up most of their working hours; feeling guilty and fearing that Madcow would throw me out.

But Madcow (I know, I know. I said, I'll stop calling him that. But I have no idea what else to call him.) was so exceedingly nice to me, I felt like a prized heel over and over again every time he brought up the blog. I couldn't even remember whatever the devil was that made me think he was a villain in the first place. Anyway, so every time I opened my mouth to say something to him, it was a lame apology trying to roll off my tongue. So, I just shut up and nodded for the most part until it was time for goodbye.     

Oh, but the Evil Head of HR, who unlike Madcow, really is evil, refused point-blank to hire me back! I know. What the hell, right? Hmphf. But hey, I get it. If he took me back, he'd have to hire me at a super high level, what with my talent and qualifications and all that, which would give others my age a complex thereby promoting dissatisfaction among my peer group, which of course would be bad for the Firm. That's it.  Damn, but I'm getting good at this. 

Getting back from alternative universe,  I'm all set to go to that lame biggest, hippest and whateverest New Year's thing. Or maybe not.  Maybe I'll just snuggle in with a good book and great ice cream and just go to sleep at the stroke of the midnight hour. As I think everyone should. 

Either way, I'm off hatchlings.  See ya on the other side. Toodles. 

Pssss..: To all, a Happy New Year!