Monday, March 25

Saturday, March 9

The Things I tell people. In my head.

1. A: I like you. 

2. B: I like A. 

3. Smugface: I hate you for not even trying. And I hate that I hate that. 

4. Dark Lord: You came back.  Thank you.  

5. Amen: I'm sorry I'm such a shit friend. 

6.  Ma: I know you are scared. But I'm not marrying that Samsung salesman. Don't you think if all I wanted in a man was that, I wouldn't have found him myself? 

7.  God: I get it. Learning my lessons now. Please hold. 

8.  Mad Prof: I don't believe you. 

9.  Mongoose: It took you to make me want to be a journalist again. 

10.  Fedora: I quit. 

Saturday, March 2

Circa 2013

This year

I turn 25 and I want it to mean something.

I want to write more. live more. love more.  Build more bridges, burn less.  Read new authors.  Watch old movies.  Get drunk. Dance wildly. Learn to swim. Travel everywhere. Shop smart. Enjoy the fall.  Throw a party.  Push my limits. Be selfless. Learn a sport.  Think less. Date more. Walk every day.  Cook. Experiment. Drive.  Be young. Be less afraid.  Smile often.  Earn more.  Spend more. Not wait. Go get.  Make friends.  Discover music.  Dress up.  Say yes.  Cycle.  Go out.  Think big. Get fit.  Find a cause. 

Be happy, you know?