Monday, January 27

This be the year

Don't think I don't know what you are thinking.  I can sense your disappointment all the way over here through cyber space every time you come to the page and then leave upon seeing the cobwebs exactly as you left them last.

If you haven't already guessed, let me tell you how my new year resolutions are shaping up, one month into the year.  #epicfail dear readers, that's how. I needed a muse, a purpose, a sign from above, something to make me just sit the fuck down and write.

In the end inspiration arrived in the form of something entirely unpredictable-technology. To put it simply, if you are reading this, you have two things to thank for it - Swype and Morse code.

Lemme start at the start. Despite all my resolutions, for most of the month, I was in hibernation, refusing to see anyone's face until they lured me out of my room with tubs and tubs of ice cream. And then something happened and suddenly I have a life again.

It started with movies that refused to be watched at home - Catching Fire (for which I blame Ha), the Desolation of Smaug (for which I blame myself...), American Hustle (Will I ever lust after Christian Bale ever again?) And of course The Wolf of Wall Street (Matthew McConaughey, hello my new love.) 

Ahem. Right, so as I was saying, yes, it started off as innocent trips to the movies and now I'm busier than when I had a full time job. Which btw doesn't mean I was jobless then just that I thought I didn't have any time then but you should see me now....arrghhh, you get what I mean! This is why I don't write anymore dear readers, I am a complete mental case.

But anyway, let me at least attempt to finish this post while still can. So there I am in my warm little hole in the ground when it's suddenly time for amen s wedding! The amen with whom I share more memories than anyone else in the world, that amen.

So started the calls and the mails and the shopping lists. The bachelorette and the mehendi and the nikaah and the reception and everything before and after. There should be a dirty-cakes maker and a wardrobe leasing company and a thoughtful gift store made available to all friends of brides. It's the only way you are still feeling happy at the idea of anyone's wedding. 

Then for resolution number I forget which: "learn a new skill". Now any one else would learn to sing or dance or draw or swim, but of course, not me. Being the over enterprising thing that I am, I decide to pick up Morse code, the one skill I'm guaranteed to never have a use for in my lifetime. That doesn't stop me from conjuring wild fantasies of a post apocalyptic universe where in the aftermath of a world wide technological breakdown, I am the sole hope of mankind, sending garbled messages at 1wmp speeds to Brad Pitt who I'll hook up with later on.  It's becoming harder and harder to concentrate during class while devising strategies to evade zombies/alien thingies but I will be ready when the time comes, I promise.

In other news, chances of travel on the cards. And exercise. And a job. And boys. And an ma. If even a few of all the things I want to happen this year happen, this will be the year.

P.S: First among new ventures circa 2014 - linesfrom. Feel free to contribute!
P.P.S: I want to say I'll be good and make up for the three weeks missed but maybe best not. But lemme just say, Swype? Big fan.

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