Tuesday, November 19

Yeah, so

This time, I have no excuse. I watched Avatar the Airbender and much of Kora and then the latest in Downton, Newsroom, BBT, Sleepy Hollow, Luther, Dracula and even HIMYM instead of write here. Absolute douche, yes. But you knew that about me already. So, I assume all is forgiven. Okay good.

So, let me tell you about October. For me, anything after August and before December are always the blah months. When nothing exciting ever happens and I'm counting seconds to the end of the year. This, therefore, was a pleasant exception.  No big things happened, no.  But a lot of small things did.

After months and months of wallowing in sickness and health,  Janaiah and I broke up. And not because he injected a B12 shot into my armpit, dear readers.  I was blind. Boys do this to me again and again and I still don't see it coming. Turns out, I wasn't his only patient. All this time, he had been seeing two others right under my nose, my lecherous neighbour and his son, no less, dear readers. How does one get past that?

But things got better. I went to Pune, drunk myself silly (in a blind wine-tasting festival), crushed on another wasted giant (who apparently recreates feasts from iconic movies, for a living. I resisted even that, dear readers, until he showed me pictures of his Hobbit table with chamomile tea and red wine. How can one resist that?), overdosed on five-star rooms service, hung out with Jughead and Bada and generally had a blast.

It doesn't end there, my cousin just came home with a pink bundle of fleece. Turns out that is a baby. She is the first girl in our family since, well, me.  I am her only aunt in the whole world.  Now, if she just can fast forward to 10 and something and see how awesome I am.

Kinky is getting married.  Kinky, the crazy ball-girl. Kinky, the shroom-cooker. Kinky, the trance-stealer.  Dear readers, if you knew Kinky, you would appreciate how much restraint and stoicism I am displaying here.  Along with Jennifer O'Neill, it remains the surprise of the year for me.

Oh, and I almost forgot, while I wait for The Good Thing to happen, I start at a new job tomorrow.  I'm going to be writing for a paper whose newsprint looks like toilet paper (which a surprising number of people seem to dig).  So yayy, me.

P.S - In yet another one of my self-help exercises, designed to test my commitment, fortitude and will power, I will be writing here once every week from now on. (starting December 1st or once I can decide which day of the week it should be.  Whichever is later)  So yeah, there.

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