Monday, November 24

A quick hello

Wow, I didn't think this was what would follow that godawful post that you kept seeing every time you came visiting here these past few months. But as I (and Robert Jordan) keep saying, the wheel weaves as the wheel wills. 

A lot of crazy things have happened since we last met, especially with the friends. Jughead went through what was possible the toughest phase of her life. Samwise went back to college. Dark Lord got married. Ha is back in India and working the grind. And I, dear readers, have been in a relationship. 

There, I said it. 

Now this blog has seen it all. Me. In a relationship. With a boy who lives in the same continent and time zone as me. As long-term readers of this space will know, that's a first. 

If it helps, I don't get it either. Bear is nothing like my type. He's irritatingly idealistic, stable, gritty, confident, expressive and incredibly physical. And somehow, he has managed to convince me of his merit; and that my lazy, nihilistic, existential, fickle, talentless self is what he needs. So it goes. 

That in three months, he's managed to worm his way into every part of my life so much that it doesn't scare me anymore is what scares me the most nowadays. That I am happy doesn't help matters either. 

But enough about that. If it survives the winter, I'll tell you more. 

Speaking of winter, and in case we don't meet in the next fortnight, I am going to be off for a White Christmas (if the visa gods are kind enough to humour me). So, see you guys on the other side! 

P.S: I'm still not reading or writing at all, so please excuse the brevity with which I aimed to finish this post. 

P.P.S: It's probably because my writing has no fuel, which hitherto was served my unending reserves of misery. Therefore, I deduce that its my temporary happiness that's hampering my creative muses.  


More realistically, its because I've been binge watching the latest episodes of everything from Scandal and New Girl to Newsroom and Homeland, which are probably some of the worst shows on modern television at the moment. Ergo, the acute paucity of working brain cells.

P.S to the P.P.S: Once I figure out why Rhonda Shimes makes her people talk like that, I will be back, I promise!

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